Our mission

Our mission is to continuously offer the consumers, innovating products of quality according to their needs and expectations ,guaranteeing to our company’s optimal profitability through an effective service.


Our values

Customer satisfaction

Our principles of work

Tests of quality

For having the best, the selection of matters is done in European and American markets. And before their Marketing, all our products are subjected to rigorous tests.
To avoid any defect, all the raw materials are controlled before manufacturing our products A Regularly and obligatory checks are carried out during all the product manufacturing process.
Test in laboratory are also applied to ensure conformity of the practices and international standards in the field.
And to avoid any contamination, the process of manufacturing of CEPRO SPA is entirely automated which protects the products from the touch in the course of production. the conditions of manufacturing are also rigorous and haracterized by conditions of hygiene and optimal cleanliness All the products are in conformity with the standards and international standards. They are tested to guarantee the best quality and the comfort of use.
They are tested not-allergists by the “DERMATEST LABORATORY” with EXELLENT mention.