Our customer relation …

Our customer relation is based on the recognition towards our customers whose confidence in our products and is renewed by each one of our new products

Finesse a brand always nearer to you

In order to be always with the listening of its customers, and always near to those, Finesse gave you several opportunities to take part in its various animations in large and average surfaces , the most attended of Algiers, Tipaza,

Boumerdes, AïnDefla and Médéa, and this fact can make you benefit from its promotions, to get your appreciations and to express its recognition for confidence that you make in it  .

Facebook contest

And always within the framework of its policy of bringing together of the customers, and in order to gratifier their fidelity and their confidence, The Finesse brand launched a contest on its official page on Facebook for the customers who were present at the level of various animations in the GMS, which made 3 winners of valorous gifts. The contest consisted in sharing  a photo of finesse product acquired during animation  with the page , and to gain, it was necessary to gather a large number of mention “I like” for the posted photo.

The contest created a lively interest near participants who shared with us very pretty photographs of various Finesse acquisitions. The photographs reflected the place which occupies the Finesse brand in the daily newspaper of each of the participating ones.

At CEPRO, the proximity with the consumers is a priority and a value in which we believe firmly.